Hi. My name is Adam Mesha. I am a freelance programmer and web designer based in Jerusalem, Israel. I started programming in the early 90's when I mastered HyperTalk and QBasic and since then I have been programming as a hobby and for work. I focus on creating complex interactive functionality (both on the server and in the browser) and simple, clean web design using modern standards. I have a lot of experience in PHP (especially MediaWiki and Wordpress) and Python (especially Django) on the server and JavaScript in the browser. If you don't have a lot of knowledge about technical matters, I can help you select the tool that will work best with your situation.

What I love about programming is that it offers amazing opportunities to do so many interesting things. You can look at a task as a puzzle that demands finding not just any solution, but a simple, elegant solution that takes into account both the small details and the big picture and will be easy to build on when the time comes. I love the artistic mindset that good programming calls for, and the flow stimulated by solving problems. There are always new toys that can help you do more better and more quickly, not to mention that they're just cool to play with in their own right. The Romans had a word that describes this well: sapientia, which literally means taste but also refers to wisdom and understanding, the discernment necessary to tell something that is a masterpiece from something that is merely functional.

What this means for you as a client is that you get a great value for high quality, maintainable code that uses the remarkable technologies that are available today and that can be easily extended later. Your product will use modern tools, so it will stay current for the foreseeable future.

Send me a message so we can discuss an idea you have, or to get a quote for your project.